Monday, August 21, 2006

Worst Day in World Cricket

Look at what happened in Oval yesterday when Pakistan was forced to forfeit the match and England was awarded the win in 4th Test Match. I agree with inzamam's words, "This game is about more than winning and losing". If you need a recap of the whole chaos and drama, read them here. Finally some comments from ex-pakistani players.
I do agree that the captain should have taken the action right away but nevertheless his late-or-no-late action would have been the same, may be with different subsequent events. I would like ICC to review the whole mess and fix it (starting with umpires and rules) rather than slapping captain or team with fine or ban,which most probably is going to happen. Some unconfirmed reports have mentioned an announcement from Pakistan team that they will not play any match under Darrel Hair again.

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