Monday, August 21, 2006

FAQs - F-2 Dependent

Q: What should I do if F-2 dependent needs medical attention?
A: Usually F-2 dependents don't have many options. Unless you purchased health insurance, you don't have many options. Local Health Center (at County Office) may be an option.
Q: Are F-2 dependent Eligible for Mediciad? What is the process if you want to applying for Medicaid?
A: No. F-2 dependents are not eligible for Medicaid. Although you can apply, but it will most probably not approved, even if you have been in US for longer than 5 years. Medicaid is only available for US citizens and Green Card Holders. Green Card holders do have a 5-year wait period. F-2 dependents do qualify for temporary Medicaid which needs to be reapplied (or reverified) every three months. In case of pregnancy, temporary Medicaid will cover for all regular visits to the county health center or basic tests but it does not cover any hospital stays. For any emergency hospital procedure (or delivery), you need to apply for Medicaid at the hospital.
Q: Is there FREE Cell Phone available for Low Income Families?
A: Yes. But it only gives you limited minutes. Check

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